Thursday, October 1, 2009


I met Kevin at Locksmith gallery in Redfern about 2 weeks ago, where he was playing his final Australian show with Matt Horseshit before heading back to the states. Both these dudes are responsible for 2 of my favourite records of the decade: Cleaning The Mirror and Magic Flowers Droned respectively. I saw them play briefly at flip out a week before but the weed had gotten the better of me and i don't remember too much. I got an email from Matt a couple of days before the Locksmith show asking if I knew where to score some dope for their last night in Sydney, so when I arrived I wasn't sure what to expect.
They both turn out to be lovely dudes with epic visions and roped me into singing their Freebird cover. We did a trade after the show and talked about playing the states together.
Kevin had these kind words to say about our upcoming record when he got home:

Circle Pit - Bruise Constellation

Definitely the "coolest" band in Australia in the traditional rock 'n roll sense. They look like Royal Trux but have a hold of their own sound that follows in the traditions of stuff like LA's X, Cheater Slicks, Jesus and Mary Chain, Jim Carrol Band etc... Dirty street romance vibes, with sugar on top. The kind of catchy songwriting that makes everything sound classic and familiar on the first listen. Go see them when they hit the states for sure! Everyone I talked to in Australia seem in agreement that they're one of the best live bands around.



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