Wednesday, May 5, 2010


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A few months ago Mr Magic Pharaohs strutted into our office and threw a CD-R down on the table. Hand-written in black ink were the words 'Circle Pit - Sydney Indie Record Of 2010'. This was partly a cheeky little joke from the Magic Man, something he was internationally famous for, but he also didn't have the faintest idea what the record was called. He also hadn't bothered to acquire track names, so for the next month or so we listened to the record with literally no accompanying information other than the fact it had been created by Circle Pit, a local band who, as previously mentioned, I've been slightly unsure about since day one.

Recently the two members of Circle Pit, Mr Jack Mannix and Miss Angela Bermuda, popped into the same office to chat about music they liked and celebrate (with the help of 15 or so bottles of cider) the fact they had landed the support slot for the upcoming/current Yeah Yeah Yeahs national tour.

The first thing we asked them for was the tracklisting of the album, which we later found is set to be released under the title Bruise Constellation. As this brilliant song suggests the record is powered by a delicate mixture of shameless rock swagger, drunken self-belief and raw, unhinged eagerness. Magic might be right - this could very well be a contender for the finest local release of the year (so far).

No official word yet on when the album will be released (or who will actually be releasing it) but according to the band it should be "out soon".


"Before stepping out to fill the prestigious position of 'support slot' for Yeah Yeah Yeahs on their It's Blitz! Australian tour, Jack Mannix and Angie Bermuda of Sydney band Circle Pit stopped by Modular HQ with a stack of their favourite records, an iPod full of their favourite MP3s and zero sign of pre-show jitters. A case of beer later and some heavy conversation about the duality of Compact Discs, Jack and Angie put on a stellar show and tell us why they adore the juicy tunes they chose.

Circle Pit Playlist
Royal Trux - "You're Gonna Lose"
Laid Back - "White Horse"
Kiosk - "Tourist Attraction"
The Germs - "Forming"
Love - "7 And 7 Is"
The Strokes - "12:51"
Circle Pit - "Another Trick"
Circle Pit - "Speed Limits"
T-Rex - "Metal Guru"
Blue Oyster Cult - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
Christian Death - "Romeo's Distress"
Bon Jovi - "Livin' On A Prayer""

Also, thanks to everyone who came early and saw us on the YYYs Australian recently - we had a sick time and will be posting photos and stories here and on the modular website soon.