Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"Before stepping out to fill the prestigious position of 'support slot' for Yeah Yeah Yeahs on their It's Blitz! Australian tour, Jack Mannix and Angie Bermuda of Sydney band Circle Pit stopped by Modular HQ with a stack of their favourite records, an iPod full of their favourite MP3s and zero sign of pre-show jitters. A case of beer later and some heavy conversation about the duality of Compact Discs, Jack and Angie put on a stellar show and tell us why they adore the juicy tunes they chose.

Circle Pit Playlist
Royal Trux - "You're Gonna Lose"
Laid Back - "White Horse"
Kiosk - "Tourist Attraction"
The Germs - "Forming"
Love - "7 And 7 Is"
The Strokes - "12:51"
Circle Pit - "Another Trick"
Circle Pit - "Speed Limits"
T-Rex - "Metal Guru"
Blue Oyster Cult - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
Christian Death - "Romeo's Distress"
Bon Jovi - "Livin' On A Prayer""

Also, thanks to everyone who came early and saw us on the YYYs Australian recently - we had a sick time and will be posting photos and stories here and on the modular website soon.

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